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18 July 2014

Uncovered (117): Falling Into Place

Who says you can't judge a book by its cover? Uncovered is a weekly post where I show some cover love. Hope you enjoy!

I was hopping around Goodreads recently (as one does) and came across the cover to the upcoming novel Falling Into Place by Amy Zhang and immediately fell in love with it. First, it's illustrated so it already gets points in my book. I love how the title tells its own story in the way that it's written and drawn. The color palette is great and I love how the red pops against the greenish background. If you read the synopsis of the book, this cover makes a lot of sense.
On the day Liz Emerson tries to die, they had reviewed Newton’s laws of motion in physics class. Then, after school, she put them into practice by running her Mercedes off the road.

Why? Why did Liz Emerson decide that the world would be better off without her? Why did she give up? Vividly told by an unexpected and surprising narrator, this heartbreaking and nonlinear novel pieces together the short and devastating life of Meridian High’s most popular junior girl. Mass, acceleration, momentum, force—Liz didn’t understand it in physics, and even as her Mercedes hurtles toward the tree, she doesn’t understand it now. How do we impact one another? How do our actions reverberate? What does it mean to be a friend? To love someone? To be a daughter? Or a mother? Is life truly more than cause and effect? Amy Zhang’s haunting and universal story will appeal to fans of Lauren Oliver, Gayle Forman, and Jay Asher.
I think a lot of covers these days can be pretty generic, trying to appeal to a mass audience, and not saying much about the book. I like that this one tells a story and invites the reader to find out more about what that story is.

Unfortunately this one does not come out until September, so I will have to wait until then to see this cover in person. But I am adding it my wishlist now so I don't forget about it. Is anyone else looking forward to this one?

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