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20 January 2013

Stacked (39)

Hello! You guys don't even know how excited I am that we have a long weekend. Work's been kicking my @ss and I am looking forward to spending Monday reading and recharging. I hope that you all have the day off, too. This week's book haul is pretty small. I've been on a strict budget lately and am really trying to read the books that I have (of which there are many).  I don't feel as bad about getting books on NetGalley because they don't take up any room. 

For Review

Lush (Delicious #3) by Lauren Dane - I met Lauren at the RWA autograph session last year. I ended up buying one of her romantic suspense novels but her Delicious series looked really fun. Happy this book 3 in the series showed up on NetGalley.

Peregrine Harker & The Black Death by Luke Hollands - I hadn't heard of this one but the cover caught my eye. It sounds like a YA steampunk detective novel. Fun!


On The Edge by Ilona Andrews - I won't something! I won a book from Book Lovers Inc. a couple of weeks ago and it arrived this week. I have been meaning to read this series for so long. Everyone keeps telling me how awesome it is. Glad I finally have it.

See how good I've been? I finally saw Les Mis this week. Let me preface this by saying that I had not seen Les Mis before and therefore, didn't have anything to compare this to. I went in with no expectations and I have to say that I really enjoyed it. I love me some Hugh Jackman and it looked great. The singing was good and the story, though sort of depressing, was hopeful.

Thanks for stopping by. Have an awesome weekend!


  1. Wow! I don't know if I could be as good as you. I'd still be snatching up 99 cent e-books and checking out all the other free e-book sites. LOL

    Peregrine Harker & the Black Death sounds fun. I love Steampunk.

    Happy reading!

    1. it is true that cheap ebooks are hard to resist. i manage about half the time. :)

  2. Congrats on your win! I've been good (somewhat) with keeping my book buying in check. And I have a ton of holds at lapl. Hopefully they don't all come in at once!
    Glad you liked Les Mis. It does look like a gorgeous film.
    Hope you are enjoying your day off!

    1. ooh the lapl is so dangerous. sometimes i go on a kick and hold like 20 books and then they all come in. but i love the library and hope you get your books soon.

      and i had a great day slacking off. thanks, lucy!

  3. Congrats! I never win anything... it's all right, since I have about 4000 unread books at home, it seems :D

    1. yes, you might literally have thousands of books at home. :)


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