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02 January 2013

Oblivion - Trailer

So I've been to the movies several times since I've been on break (Django Unchained - over the top and controversial; The Hobbit - awesome; Jack Reacher - more serious and better than I thought it would be) and each time I've gone they have played the trailer to Tom Cruise's new movie, Oblivion. Maybe I haven't been paying attention but I knew nothing about this movie. Looks like your typical dystopian sci fi movie, with Earth a barren wasteland. There's obviously some kind of conspiracy going on and Tom Cruise gets to play the man out for the truth (which he's usually pretty good at playing). And Morgan Freeman is always fun to watch. It's not something that I am going to run out to see but I'll probably catch it on DVD.

Anyone else interested in this one?


  1. I'm definitely seeing this in the theaters. It looks great! Can't wait to see it!

  2. Wow, this is the first I am seeing this and I think it looks awesome!!!!


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