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20 November 2012

Red Dawn - Trailer

I know, I know. I am the queen of trailers lately. Today I want to talk about Red Dawn. I am just going to admit that I don't get this one. I never saw the original so maybe I am not the right audience. But, to me, this trailer is just...I don't even know. It just seems uber patriotic and maybe a little dated. Even as I say that I don't want to see this movie, I have a feeling that I'll somehow be persuaded to go to it. It looks kind of awful but Chris Hemsworth is definitely nice eye candy and Peeta is in it, too. Does anyone else have an opinion on this one? It seems to be under the radar though I hear that the trailer played before BD2.

And just for kicks, I am including the trailer for the original Red Dawn film from the 80s. OMG it's Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey back together again.  Looking at this, the new film seems to follow it pretty closely. But is that good or bad? I don't recall people thinking the original Red Dawn was very good.

Yay or nay? Anyone else think this movie is kind of an oddball or do you all think it looks awesome and I am crazy pants? Anyone love the original? 


  1. I thought I saw the original Red Dawn but looking at the trailer it doesn't look familiar at all.

    I'd maybe see the Red Dawn remake for Thor and Peeta, and the rest of the cast looks pretty good too. But guns are not my thing so I'll be watching reviews to see if it's worthwhile. I'm liking all your movie posts btw!

    1. thanks, lucy! i do watch a lot of movies and love talking about them so i've been trying to incorporate a bit more of that into the blog. it's not as cool as the reading date with andrew, but i am having fun.

      i should rent the original red dawn. after seeing the trailer, i am really curious.


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