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20 November 2012

Non-Fiction Review: Sewing In A Straight Line

Publication date: 19 July 2011 by Potter Craft
ISBN 10/13: 0307586650 | 9780307586650
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Category: Non-Fiction Crafting/Sewing
Keywords: Non-fiction, crafts, sewing
Format: Paperback, eBook
Source: Library

Thuy's Review:

Have you ever wanted to learn how to sew but were afraid to? Perhaps you think it’s too hard or you’re just not sure where to start. You’re not alone. Author and crafter Brett Bara sets out to prove that anyone can learn to sew in her book, Sewing In A Straight Line. With only a few basic materials, she will show you just how easy and simple it is to start sewing and, in no time at all, you’ll be making your own chic garments and accessories.

The book starts off with a brief intro into the materials you will need to start sewing. This part is pretty basic and gives you just enough information without being overwhelming. I would have preferred a few more illustrations on some of the techniques like the basic hand stitches (since I am terrible at hand stitching), but that’s just my preference. I do wish that the section on buying a sewing machine was more extensive. Buying a sewing machine is quite personal so I understand the author leaving the decision up to the buyer but, if you’re going to have a section about it it should be more informative. I would have even appreciated some links to sources online that might help me choose a machine.

The book breaks down projects into three categories - fashion, home, and gifts. All of the clothing items are really simple, but cute. Since this book is all about sewing a straight line, all of the patterns are based on basic shapes like squares and rectangles. You don’t have to worry about learning to read or use paper patterns with this book. I think this makes the projects much less daunting and more accessible to the novice sewer.

The fashion items range from a one hour skirt to cute belts, bags, and blouses. While I thought the projects were pretty, I don’t know if I would wear a lot of them. I like my clothes more fitted and most of these garments don’t have shaping. The skirts were my favorite of them and I would not mind making the sewing school skirt that is on the cover of the book.

one hour skirt

top and tote
My favorite section of the book was the home items. There are cute quilts, blankets, pillows, and containers to make to spice up your home. I could see making a lot of these items to change up the look of my apartment. The projects, again, are really straight forward and rely on simple shapes. The last section on gifts has fun things to give including some plush toys, a sewing kit, and jewelry case. My favorite was the box bag though, perfect for holding a knitting project or cosmetics. 

love this duvet cover

All in all I was impressed with the projects in this book. It’s a great jumping off point for someone hasn’t sewn before or maybe has a little experience but needs that push to make more complicated projects.

Visit the author online at www.brettbara.com and follow her on Twitter @brettbara

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