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24 November 2012

Mama - Trailer

Hello, Saturday! I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend so far. It's actually a bit rainy this weekend in SoCal and I am super excited. I love rain and it's so rare that it happens down here. I am hoping to get out to a movie this weekend, though I am not sure what just yet. I think I saw a lot of the good ones already so we'll see.

Today I wanted to show a trailer for Mama, a horror film coming out in January. I just saw this trailer in the theater and it actually looked scary. I love horror movies but at lot of the current ones really suck. This one looks like it might actually be pretty good. I mean, Jessica Chastain's in it. That means it's serious, right? I might end up watching this when it comes out. Anyone want to come with me and hold my hand?

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