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14 February 2012

Hearts & Hugs

I know a lot of people don't like Valentine's Day. They argue that it's a manufactured holiday with no real purpose. But, to me, it's the best kind of holiday. It's a holiday with no real reason for existing except to remind us to tell our friends and family that they are loved and appreciated. Instead of letting it remind me of what I don't have, I think Valentine's Day is a great day to remind me of all of the wonderful people in my life.  It also has great candy (second only to Easter) and I love red and pink together. This holiday is a win all around.

So today, on Valentine's Day, I just wanted to tell all of my readers out there that you are awesome. Thank you for coming by and reading and commenting. You make my day brighter and more fun and I hope that today is a great day for you.  I am giving you all a big cyber hug (Can you feel it? I am squeezing pretty hard.) I hope your day is filled with cupcakes and sweet things that make you smile. Happy Valentine's Day!

If you want to see how many cupcakes Thuy ate on Valentine's Day, ask her on twitter @fishgirl182 and ask her.

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