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13 December 2011

Winter Wishlist: Week 2 - Great Gifts

Welcome to week 2 of Winter Wishlist, the fun seasonal meme that my co-blogger over at Read Now Sleep Later dreamed up.Week 2 (Dec 13 - 19) is all about great gifts that you want to GIVE. For more info or to sign up, visit the Winter Wishlist page.

Week 1: Write about Books or Bookish Things that you would love to get.
Week 2: Write about Books or Bookish Things that you would love to give.
Week 3: Write about a charity/nonprofit/community group that works with books and/or literacy.

I am a big fan of box sets. They're usually quite economically priced and they're a great way to get someone into a series or author. These are two a few of my faves.
  • The Hunger Games Trilogy  by Suzanne Collins - You knew this one was coming. A great trilogy (though the first is still my favorite). Even though it seems like everyone has read this already, a lot of people have not. I know this because I am constantly getting asked if people can borrow my copies. Give them their own set and make everyone happy.
  • The Black Dagger Brotherhood box set by JR Ward - When I first started this series my friend and I searched high and low for this box set in stores. Eventually we had to cave and get it from Amazon. Perfect for anyone new to paranormal romance/urban fantasy. I love the Brothers!
  • Vampire Academy 1-4 by Richelle Mead - Another great series that you will wish you had a set of after you read the first book. 
  • For Life Tea Mug - It's a cliche to say that readers like tea, but they often do. This comes with its own fine mesh tea infuser that fits in the cup - perfect for loose leaf teas. I hate those little infuser balls. My friend has one of these cups and it's awesome. 
  • Tea - And of course, some tea to go with your teacup. I am a fan of Teavana, but really, any lovely loose leaf tea will do.

  • Nan Lawson - Love Nan's Etsy shop. She has the cutest prints. I bought myself one of the Piemaker recently. She has lots of other fun prints, including the bookish ones above.
  • Ninja bookmarks - Um, ninjas + books = awesome.


  1. Wow, I've never heard of Nan Lawson--Love her stuff! She has Doctor Who prints too :D Thanks for the suggestions!

  2. Book Ninja! I must have these!


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