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29 November 2013

Uncovered (87): Nobody's Girl

Happy Black Friday, everyone! I hope you all had a safe and tasty Thanksgiving. Did anyone brave the sales yet? I am going to show my nerd here by telling you all that I got up at 6am to go to a yarn sale. They have one every Black Friday and it's totally my favorite Black Friday sale. Mmm...yarn.  Anyway - today's Uncovered book is Nobody's Girl by Sarra Manning. I have had this book on my Cover Love shelf for a little while now. I heart illustrated covers and this bold, graphic style of this one is definitely one that would stand out on a bookshelf. I like the mix of patterns with the florals and stripes. The colors are bright and I like that the title is in red so that it stands out. Also, this girl has adorable freckles.

That's all for today! Hope you guys liked today's cover. Happy reading!

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